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5 Tips to Increase Sales & Compete with E-Commerce Giants This Diwali with Xirify

Updated: Jan 15

Increase Sales With Xirify
5 Tips to Increase Sales & Compete with E-Commerce Giants This Diwali with Xirify

In recent years, the rise of e-commerce platforms has revolutionized the retail industry, offering a wide array of products with the convenience of a single click. Factors such as the widespread adoption of smartphones, improved internet connectivity, secure payment options, and the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have contributed to the explosive growth of e-commerce.

Projections for online grocery and vegetable sales indicate a potential 30-35% growth by 2027. E-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart Grocery, Blinkit have made online shopping seamless, providing swift deliveries, organized catalog management, and strategically located warehouses. As a result, traditional neighborhood businesses are feeling the pressure to increase sales and revenue and to compete in an increasingly online-oriented retail landscape.

For Those of You Who Are Already A Merchant Partner Of Xirify Here Are Some Tips to Enhance Visibility and Increase Sales During This Festive Season with Xirify:

  1. Keep You Inventory Up-to Date: Keep your inventory current on a daily basis through the Xirify app. This ensures that when your customers Orders from you they get a hassle free experience.

  2. High-Quality Item Images: Add clear, high-quality images of your products within the Xirify app. These images enable customers to make informed decisions about their purchases and significantly impact buying decisions.

  3. Diwali & Festive Specials: Capitalize on the seasonal and festive items in the Xirify app. Ensure that you keep these items in stock and update their availability in advance, complete with images and detailed information.

  4. Combos & Special Offers: Within the Xirify app, create special offers and combos to entice both new and returning customers. Consider promotions like "Buy 1 Get 1" or other creative deals. These tactics are highly effective at increasing sales and building customer loyalty.

  5. Ensure Same Level of Convenience & Experience: Let your customers know that you are available online through the Xirify app and that you offer the same level of convenience and experience as any other big e-commerce giant. Encourage your customers to share the app with their networks, thereby expanding your reach and enhancing your online presence and building a Strong Loyal Customer Base For Your Business.

To Sum It Up:

In the ever-evolving retail landscape dominated by e-commerce giants, Merchant Partners registered with Xirify can remain competitive by taking simple yet impactful steps. By leveraging the Xirify platform for seamless competitiveness and by maintaining up-to-date inventories, offering high-quality products & services, and by leveraging many more powerful and effective leavers like Push notifications, Offers/Discount management etc. Xirify is here to help your businesses grow and compete effectively with the big players, serving as a bridge between you and your customers in the online space.

For Any Assistance Or Participate In Co-Marketing Initiatives With Xirify Reach out to Your Account Manager. They Are Just A Call Away!


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