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Xirify is the perfect platform to help in your business growth with least worries of overheads or time constraints

Sell Online at Minimal Cost!


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Why Xirify?

Partnering with Xirify opens up a world of opportunities for your business

Utilize a suite of tools including ONDC, WhatsApp, Chat, Video (Conversational Commerce), Social Media, Loyalty Management, Promotions, Digital Marketing Tools, Recommendation Engine, Campaign Management, and Inventory Management with Hyperlocal Delivery, POS, Payment Gateways. 

Sell Online at No Commission On Orders
Scale your business seamlessly by adding an extra channel for sales and customer acquisition.
Sell Online at No Commission On Orders
Receive direct payment from customers for orders
Sell Online at No Commission On Orders
Capture customer attention through digital catalog increasing visibility of your products
Sell Online at No Commission On Orders
Delivery direct or through Delivery Partner
Sell Online at No Commission On Orders
Maximize revenue growth potential without increasing overhead costs
Sell Online at No Commission On Orders
Receive Ratings and Reviews from customers

Let's Hear it from Business Owners on Xirify

Monu Satav

Urbounce Cafe, Pashan

Whether you are looking for healthy snacks options, protein shakes and salads;
Xirify is the best and quickest option to get it delivered to your doorsteps! Xirify has made my life Sorted with good customers and more online orders!

Potli Biryani

Pashan-Sus Rd

Xirify shopping is very good app for food delivery over Sus Road & nearby areas and has tie- ups with as many restaurants as they can find in Sus , Pashan, Baner.etc. As an owner I feel it's User -friendly where you can modify the things as per your and customer's choice.

Ganesh Murakute

Monginis Cake Shop, Pashan

I am Glad to be a part of Xirify application.
I get the entire Pashan Customers online which helps me focus on good customer base.
and my shop is sorted with Xirify.

Tilak Pillay

Mahindra Chicken Centre, Pashan

I have a shop in Gol Market where we used to focus only on walk-in customers. We are happy to be a part of the Xirify Team as we now have online Customers too. Our delivery issues too are sorted out with Xirify Third Party Service.


Xirify Registered Merchants