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Xirify Mega Monsoon Utsav 2024!

Updated: Jul 10


Monsoon is that part of the season which is looked upon with expectation of abundance. It paves way for the healthy times to come soon. The sun soaked mother earth rejoices in the rain as parched land turns damp and fertile again.

Symbolic to this, Xirify is bringing on a Mega Monsoon Utsav which allows all its subscribers to reap the benefits of this offer. Only one condition, though! Download the Xirify Shopping App and use your MOBILE number to Login from the 1st of July to the 14th of August.

As usual, all the existing subscribers of Xirify will be automatically eligible to take advantage of this Offer.



All you need to do is SAVE MORE and EARN MORE!!

The offer is divided into 4 stages. Each Stage offers exciting Coupons to encash against every purchase. There are 4 different grades of Coupons in each Stage to utilize and save more!

Wait! There is an icing on the cake too!

This Monsoon we bring you a chance to WIN an iPhone 15.

One of the contenders who has successfully utilized the Level 4 Coupons before 14th August 2024 will stand a chance to win an iPhone 15.

Don’t you feel rewards and discounts are showering your way! A true Monsoon Magic, it is!! Right?


Campaign Details:

Coupon Variety, Duration, and Validity

Level 1: Sprinkle 💦

  • Value: ₹15 x 4 Coupons

  • Minimum Order Value: ₹99

  • Issued On: 1st July 2024

  • Validity: Till 14th August 2024

Level 2: Drizzle 🌦️

  • Value: ₹30 x 4 Coupons

  • Minimum Order Value: ₹199

  • Condition: Issued after using all Level 1 coupons

  • Availability: From 11th July 2024 or upon completion of Level 1 coupons post 11th July

Level 3: Cloudburst 🌧️

  • Value: ₹45 x 4 Coupons

  • Minimum Order Value: ₹299

  • Condition: Issued after using all Level 2 coupons

  • Availability: From 21st July 2024 or upon completion of Level 2 coupons post 21th July

Level 4: Rainstorm 🌩️

  • Value: ₹60 x 4 Coupons

  • Minimum Order Value: ₹399

  • Condition: Issued after using all Level 3 coupons

  • Availability: From 1st August 2024 or upon completion of Level 3 coupons post 1st August July

Important Note: All coupons will expire on 15th August 2024. Don't miss out! ⏳

Finish All 4 Levels for a Chance to Win an iPhone 15! 📱✨

How It Works:

Level 1

Starts On 1st of July: Ensure you get your Coupons. Plan your purchases and start ordering them on Xirify Shopping App. At each Stage you get 4 Coupons with different values redeemable against varying Order value. The best part of the Offer is- You end up SAVING MORE as you redeem these Coupons!


What are you waiting for? Start making your purchases, and claim your discounts by applying coupons and get ready to move to Level 2!

But, please wait a second! You can move on to the Level 2 only after completing the Level 1 - that is finish all your coupons issued to you for Level 1 . Also, you need to wait till the Level 2 opens even if you have completed using your Coupons ahead of the scheduled date.

Also remember to clear all the payments for purchases made on Xirify before each Level starts to qualify for the campaign and it's subsequent levels.

Don't worry if you join late or can't finish your Level 1 coupons by the start date of level 2. You can still complete the quest on time! You'll receive your Level 2 coupons once you finish Level 1, and so on.


Level 2

Commencing on 11th July, this stage will set up the pace for the hot race to grab the MEGA MONSOON GIFT! Get more Coupons! Utilize the coupons to qualify for Step 3!

Let us remind you once more that the qualification criteria for entering Level 2 are similar to the ones mentioned above. Ensure to stay on right course of the Offer and barge ahead!

Level 3!

Unlocks On 21st July: You are all just one step away from reaching the final Level! Save more as you use your coupons.

For details of coupons, please refer the Coupon Variety, Duration, and Validity above and Terms & Conditions section below.

The rules of the Offer remain same as in the earlier two Levels!! No need to rack up your brains!! Just follow the path and proceed to the Final Step by utilizing your Coupons in time! Bravo!!

Level 4

Unlocks On 1st August: YAY! You are at the Final Level now, and have already saved Rs. thousand+ while shopping for your daily needs.

You will be a contender for the MEGA MONSOON GIFT upon completing the usage of all Coupons by 14th Aug 2024.

Please read all the terms and conditions by visiting the Terms & Conditions section below before joining the Offer. For more details or queries regarding the offer, you may call us on +91 800 700 2856 or email to us @

Best of Luck and HAPPY SHOPPING!

Important Note:

Payment Due: Those customers who have not cleared their payments for earlier

orders are not eligible to participate in the Monsoon Mega Offer.

For existing shoppers Xirify may run various campaigns form time to time.

Related information will be automatically available in the Xirify Shopping App.

This is a fully sponsored program by Xirify. All participating business will

get full refund of the coupon discount amount from Xirify Systems Pvt. Ltd.

barring any other mutual agreement in place between Xirify and any particular


Xirify reserves all rights to assign coupons or revoke coupons from any users.

Campaign Terms and Conditions

· You must register with a valid mobile number, registering with mail ID will not be considered.

· You will be able to use the coupons if the minimum value of your order meets the required minimum order value in the business/merchants who are part of the campaign.

· The minimum order value where you can use the coupon is mentioned in the

Xirify Shopping App.

· Xirify reserves the right to change or modify any offer, program conditions at any time, at its sole discretion.

· It is the decision of the Xirify Registered business to participate in the campaign

or not.

· If there are no store/business in your visibility radius who are accepting coupons,

Xirify is not responsible or has no legal liability for the same.

· The Shopper (User) and Business (Seller) of a transaction must have different

Phone Number.

· Xirify reserves the right to discontinue or change any offer or the Xirify Monsoon

Mega Offer at any time, at its sole discretion.

· The coupon is generated for any Qualified entry based on the above mentioned

T&C and is not a luck-based lottery.

· Xirify is a platform that connects Buyers and Sellers directly and shall not be

responsible for any loss, order related disputes, customer default or

vendor/Business/Service Provider not completing order cycle, or any other

issues/liability arising out of orders placed via Xirify.

· Xirify reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any User or Business,

Order/s that does not meet the offer requirements or in case of reasons including

but not limited to any misuse of the offer or fraud or suspicious


· This offer is organized by Xirify for the promotion of its APP.

· Please note that Apple is not, directly or indirectly, related to this contest and it is not a sponsor in the contest.

· This offer is open for all Indian Citizens residing within the operational area of the Xirify app and above the age of 18 years and who meet the eligibility criteria as enumerated herein.

· The OFFER Specific Rules and Regulations and General Rules and Regulations (collectively referred to as “Rules and Regulations”) shall be binding on each participant (“Participant(s)”) in the offer/event. The aforesaid Rules and Regulations are set out hereunder as follows:

· Please read these terms and conditions ("T&Cs") before entering the offer/event. You agree that, by participating in this event, you will be bound by these T&Cs and you acknowledge that you satisfy all eligibility requirements as provided herein below. These T&C’s are in addition to Xirify’s Terms of Use, Refund Policies and Privacy Policy.

· This is a limited-period offer that starts on 1st of July 2024, and ends on 14th August 2024 (“Offer Period”) and Xirify reserves the right to withdraw the iPhone giveaway at any point of time.

· To be eligible for the prize, the participants have to make an entry in the following manner.

· Place order on Xirify and successfully utilise level 4 Coupons.

·         Awarding of Prize is subject to verification of winner’s eligibility and identity to Xirify's reasonable satisfaction. The selected Participant will also be required to prove his/her age and residence proof, failing which he/she will be disqualified from the offer. The selected Participants need to respond to the winning correspondence within 7 working days of receiving the email with the above-requested information and documents.

·         Xirify reserves the right to disqualify individual Participants if it has reasons to believe that the participant has indulged in infringement of the rules of participation, misinformation about identity or unlawful activities such as use of unfair technological means or manipulation of entry requirements. If a winner is disqualified, Xirify shall undertake a random selection for the winner from the remaining entries of the Specific Hour for which the original winner was disqualified.

·         In case of cancellation of the Qualifying Purchase, the entry of the participant to the prize draw shall be null and void. In case a participant has been declared as the winner prior to cancellation, such a participant shall be disqualified, and a new winner shall be selected.

·         The decision of the Xirfy regarding any aspect of the prize draw or competition is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into about it.

·         Winners discretion will be taken into account before posting any video or photo in the social media.

·         Xirify & Vast Employees, Vendors, Merchants and identity or person associated with Xirify in the past or present will not be eligible for the iPhone prize pool.

For any question or information please Contact Xirify Support at or +91 800 700 2856

Download Xirify app from App Store or Play Store today.


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