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Essential Packing List for Weekend Trekking & Hiking trips during Monsoon

Updated: Jan 19

When life gives you a rainy day, play in puddles.

Monsoon is a double edged season! For some it is time to be cautious against water borne viruses while for some it is an opportunity to don their mountain gear and set out for trekking and getaways. Everyone recognizes Monsoon as a harbinger of life which rings in a bout of all round happiness. It helps in germination of life, thoughts and outdoor activities. In this blog we will focus on the adventurous-minded- the kit they need to carry while visiting the happening places near Pune to getaway during this monsoon.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

Make fun and frolic when it rains! Umbrella is comfort, rain is life. You must often leave comfort to experience life to the hilt. There are a host of one-day getaways from Pune to get some fun, peace and blow the blues away. Pune is close to several refreshing and energizing natural marvels which can be visited in a day and enjoy with friends and family. And, first things first! Every outing needs to be planned in terms of timing, things to carry, route, conveyance etc to enjoy the trip without upsets.

While route and conveyance are relative, packing list of essentials can be ignored only at ones discomfort. Before starting out on the trip ensure to pack essentials for the journey without which the fun part turns sour. Monsoon season in Pune is synonymous with random heavy downpour of rain and warm weather- making it essential to enlist the various items you might need for the trip. And pack them too! Here’s the suggested packing list for getaways from Pune which you can shop online on Xirify in case you need to buy.

1. Umbrella

2. Wet weather shoes or rubber sandals (Water proof)

3. Always carry a bottle of water and few packets of biscuits to stay safe, hydrated

4. Dark knee length pants

5. Strong and sturdy Rain coat. Long trench coats are ideal and strongly recommended.

6. Couple of napkins/hand towels to wipe

7. Backpack to carry change of clothes- chances are you might get caught in the sporadic rain

8. Sufficient number of empty plastic covers or water proof pouches to keep electronic items such as hand phone or wrist watch or wallet or camera.

9. First aid kit completes with adhesive bandages, disinfectant scrubs, OTC medicines like pain relievers, muscle spray, if you have any allergy do not forget to consult your doctor and carry appropriate medicines for the same.

10. Hot/ sweet snacks to suit your taste- munching them in the rain as you trek along is an experience you love to take home

11. A Hand torch light is a must

12. A reflector for your clothes or shoes is also recommended, the visibility becomes really low during rains and if you are hiking on a road this will help motor vehicle drivers to see you form a distance.

We are sure most of them are regular items available at home already. In case you need to buy, there is no need to go for outdoor shopping. Xirify is an ideal online platform with a variety of vendors offering home delivery at your scheduled time. While you get ready to pack your bags for that adventurous hangout, remember to Xirify your needs for the trip.

Avoid places where the authorities are issuing Red Alerts for heavy rainfall, waterlogging, fear of landslides, other calamities.. Stay Safe and Enjoy The Rains.

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