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OUR FLAG OUR IDENTITY - Dos and Don’ts of flying the National Flag

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

This August 15, the Nation will be 75 years young! As we gear up to celebrate the Azaadi ka Amrit Mahotsav (75 years of Independence), the government has also amended the Flag Code of India 2022. The National Flag occupies a unique and special place in the emotions and psyche of all people of India. To celebrate Azaadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, people of the country are urged to participate in the festivities of Independence by displaying the National Flag in every home between August 13th and August 15th.

In the eagerness to show affection and reverence to the Tiranga (National Flag) by displaying it on our roof tops and buildings, inadvertent mistakes might slip in which can prove detrimental to the intentions and attract avoidable penalties. To help avoid such slips, we piece together the provisions concerned with National Flag Code. Please read on to know when and where it can be flown, size specifications, Dos and Don’ts while unfurling the Tiranga.

When can the National Flag be flown?

Doing away with the past restrictions of flying the National Flag between sunrise and sunset, the Flag Code of India 2022 allowed the display of the National Flag both day and night as long as it is displayed in the open or in the house of a member of the public. The code specifies that “It can be flown on all days and occasions, ceremonial or otherwise, consistent with the dignity and honor of the National Flag”.

Size specifications

The National Flag must be rectangular in shape. As far as size is concerned, the ratio of length to height/width of the Flag must be 3:2.

Dos and Don’ts of flying the National Flag

  1. The National Flag should invariably occupy a position of honor and should be placed distinctly, above everything else. It should occupy the top most spot of the edifice on which it is unfurled.

  2. The National Flag must always be in perfect condition. A damaged or disheveled Flag must NOT be displayed.

  3. The Tiranga must always be displayed upright. The Saffron color band must be at the top of the three colors.

  4. The National Flag must not touch the ground or the floor or water surface under any circumstances.

  5. There should be no letters on the Flag.

  6. No other Flag or bunting should be placed higher/above or by the side of the National Flag.

  7. The National Flag should not be used for any form of decoration.

  8. The Flag should not be flown from a single masthead simultaneously with any other flag or flags.

  9. Equal care must be taken while disposing off a damaged or spoilt Flag. It can be disposed off either by burning or any other method that gives due regard to its dignity.

  10. Always ensure to respect the Flag and never step on it.

Our National Flag is our identity. It evokes emotions of patriotism, togetherness and the desire to strive for the development of the Nation. Xirify is doing its bit by building a strong and resilient local business environment and economy. We urge you to do your bit too by lending your shoulder to this gigantic task of strengthening local business and thereby help in the growth of a healthy and vibrant society.


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