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How Shopping From Neighborhood Business Helps In Sustainable & Environment Friendly Future

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Building a sustainable & environment friendly future is an essential duty of every living being. Each one of us does it for sure in a micro manner. We take extra care in safeguarding our homes by proper up keeping. However, on a macro level we become careless- by ignorance or by failing to understand how our actions have a long-lasting impact on our future economy & environment. The world beyond our window becomes a big ‘dustbin’. No doubt that these attitudes are changing fast and there is a growing interest in preserving environment sanctity for the future generations. The world has come to recognize the ill effects of carbon footprints, wastage of precious resources and the need to develop neighborhood talent & economy. This is a good sign and must be carried forward by focusing on environmental preservation in every act we do.

By now most of you must be wondering the connection between local economy, environment and ordering from neighborhood businesses! In the flux of our daily life, we hardly notice how each of our actions leaves a lasting and sadly damaging trail on both our neighborhood economy & the environment we live in. A little awareness in this direction gives a big boost towards a sustainable future and passing on a safe and habitable world to the next generations. Read on.


1. Neighborhood shopping reduces transportation hazards. Products are sourced by the retailers locally, thus cutting down not only on transportation costs but minimizing the pollution from transport. When we buy locally we are joining the movement of cutting carbon foot print and helping in the preservation of the environment more effectively. We have the satisfaction of doing our part in sustaining the environment.

2. Shopping from the nearby market helps in the economic growth of neighborhood. It helps in creating a strong workforce and a prosperous business community which in turn leads to a resilient neighborhood economy. Buying from nearby markets helps in protecting local lands, developing native infrastructure such as schools, colleges, hospital etc. Your support helps the neighborhood business to stay in their profession, prosper and create job opportunities for the residents of the area. Similarly, farmers are incentivized to continue their tilling operations and are less prone to sell off their holdings to developers or big business producers.

3. Packaging costs of products over long-distance transportation not only add up to the cost of the final product but is the major cause for pollution and environmental damage. Remember last time when you ordered from a pan-India portal you got the product with multiple layers of plastic and package material in a big carton box. Local area shopping does away with these superfluous packaging. When you buy locally the delivery person removes the items from the bags and hands it over to you. There are several reputed vendors from the area on Xirify who sell unpackaged or use re-cyclable packaging for vegetables, fruits, grocery, food and many household needs.

4. Neighborhood markets are essentially designed to cater to all home needs of local consumers. From fresh vegetables to tender meat and all in between are available at one place. Shopping time and effort is reduced and adds up to the convenience of buying home needs at one place. Buy locally and economize on your transportation costs and time.

Shopping in the neighborhood is a double whammy- you are benefitted in both immediate and long term. In the short term your shopping time is pruned and on a macro level you are playing your role in effectively sustaining the environment and neighborhood ecosystem. What best occasion than the World Environment Month (June, 2022) to rededicate our efforts to sustain environment by sticking to neighborhood shopping with the same convenience of Online Shopping! Next generation will be thankful too!

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