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Xirify on Integration Spree to Bring A Sustainable, Cost-effective Online Shopping

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Pune, 19.4.22: Xirify- a Pune-based hyperlocal, quick commerce App for ordering products and services announced integration of Cashfree Payments, Petpooja, Gupshup, Exotel, and Brozo (Previously known as Wefast), to become a one-stop order management solution for business partners. Having created a mark for itself in the marketplace which is to a large extent dominated by big players, it is steadily consolidating its growth curve with innovative features and integrations. Xirify (still in the pilot phase) is successfully establishing itself in select areas of Pune like Pashan, Baner, and Bavdhan and has come to be reckoned as one of the fastest growing online shopping app with month-on-month order growth of 38% starting November 2021. After launching a completely new look and feel of the App in Nov 21, it is now focusing on integrating with various leading industry 3rdparty software to bring all the benefits and solutions together and provide a one-stop solution for neighborhood businesses for end-to-end order management.

Xirify has already integrated Dunzo services to enable last-mile delivery.

With all these integrations, Xirify aims to empower all its registered businesses to provide a seamless customer experience which is otherwise extremely costly if they do it by themselves.

Xirify is a product incubated by Valueadd Softtech& Systems Pvt. Ltd. (VAST). Speaking of Xirify, Prashant Upasani, Founder Director, VAST says “The platform is intended and created to cater to the development of nearby marketplace through an Omni online channel which will provide a great shopping experience for all home necessities. Efforts are on to ensure onboarding both small and flourishing neighborhood businesses of the native area as also branded entities for a wide range of options and a wholesome customer experience. We have kept our ears to the ground and been actively interacting with our patrons to understand their needs and incorporate matching features in the platform”.

Pune is home to around 35 lakh population with a high percentage of people employed in Information Technology (IT) and allied fields apart from Automobile and Engineering entities. The convenience of shopping online is an imperative need for such a genre of citizens, time being a luxury for most of them. This window of opportunity is aptly farmed by Xirify with intensified efforts by roping in value-added services of delivery options, POS (Point Of Sales), marketing, and easy payment solution for businesses and customers.

Integrations & its benefits:

Integrations provide value addition to the users of the platform and thereby enhance its utility across various operations/functions of the platform. Xirify intends to provide a top-in-class experience to its users with these integrations.

Cashfree Payments is a leading API and Banking Solutions company that leads the way in bulk disbursals in India with its product Payouts. It is a highly secure payment gateway that supports all Debit/Credit cards, UPI, Net banking, and Wallets with Quick Settlements. These integrations boost the platform’s ability to provide a hassle-free payment for orders and help retail business owners to manage their billing efficiently. All payments made through Xirify are directly settled in the Business’s account. Business gets access to a comprehensive dashboard to view all payment status and easy one-click refund management.

For more information please visit:

Petpooja a coherent Restaurant Management software is being used by 60% of Xirify’s registered restaurants, eateries, and cloud kitchens. With this integration, they will be able to manage all orders in one place. Restaurant/Eatery owners will not have to manage/edit/update their catalog in multiple places and manage multiple apps to receive, and process orders.

For more information please visit:

Gupshup enables better customer interactions through omni-channel conversational engagement (messaging, video and voice). Gupshup handles over 7 billion messages per month and supports more than 44,000 businesses across the world. Converse with Gupshup at

Exotel is a full stack customer engagement software provider. The integration will smoothen the order coordination. And the automated workflow will make sure all orders are accepted and processed on time.

For more information please visit:

Borzo (previously known as Wefast) – Borzo is a last-mile delivery service provider. With this integration, Xirify will be able to reach every nook and corner of the city to offer its delivery service.

For more information please visit:

Talking about all the above integrations Koeli Chatterjee, Head of Grouth & Marketing sums up the advantage when she says “Being a two-sided marketplace we must make sure both customers and businesses are happy. All the above integrations will result in a hassle-free transaction which will help in eliminating manual errors. The end customer expectations are built around seamless convenience, easy ordering, payment process, and getting the right things delivered at their doorstep. With all the above integrations we will be ensuring that shoppers on Xirify get the best customer experience.”

More than 3000 households in Pashan, Bavdhan, and Baner areas are using Xirify to order their daily essentials today.

"As we say to our customers -Stop App Hopping and Download Xirify shopping, and you will get every product & service that you regularly need in your daily life. Similarly, with the above integrations, we will make sure that businesses also get access to everything to run their business online – be it be catalog listing, tools to manage and market their business, social media integration, last-mile delivery, and much more. We are in our pilot phase and the idea is catching up fast. We are excited and grateful to all our early adopters for giving us a chance. We are looking forward to expanding our footprints soon” Koeli added.


Xirify is a platform to bring consumers the benefits of supporting entrepreneurs from the area with the convenience of online shopping. This feature-rich platform aids all types of retail businesses in acquiring and servicing neighborhood customers with minimum effort and spending. Businesses registering with Xirify can reach their customer base and generate demand by listing their products/services catalog, receiving orders online, offering exclusive deals, and discounts, and enjoying the benefits of receiving ratings and reviews. Buyers have a wider choice to choose their seller on Xirify. They can opt to pay online through UPI or use the facility of Cash On Delivery (COD) for their purchases. Xirify is currently operational in Baner, Pashan & Bavdhan, Pune.

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