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Building a Sustainable Digital Economy

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

A mobile based online selling application to sell and buy from the local community
A a platform that connects neighborhood Online Shoppers, Online Businesses and Delivery Service Providers

Roughly a decade ago when the Indian market ecosystem saw the gradual introduction of the “aggregator” model of business, it was hailed as the “in-thing”, a path-breaking business model. The new model was eulogized as a shot in the arm for both the end-users as well as the users of the system- the business community as a whole. After the initial euphoria petered out, the mask was off the aggregator system. The same businesses which were rejoicing at the concept of aggregators were literally up in arms against them. Remember the hue and cry of drivers over the charges levied by Uber a couple of years ago? Ironically, a digital platform meant to ‘ease’ delivery problems has become the very nemesis of business owners.

Similar is the story that is unfolding in the food and grocery delivery front too. Most restaurant owners are feeling the pinch of shelling down up to 30% of the sale value as commission to these aggregators. Consequently, they find their bottom lines squeezed, forcing them to scout for alternate solutions to grow their business online without being dependent upon the big eCommerce platforms. Apart from this, the small & midsize businesses find themselves in a different type of soup with the aggregators. The latter has been known to take a firm grip on the businesses of their clients by controlling their customer interactions, pricing and marketing.

Backed by the flush funds from venture capitalists, these big giants like Zomato and Swiggy, have plunged headlong into the very business they were supposed to help as delivery arms. Some of them have not only embarked upon setting up their own ‘cloud kitchens’ across the country but went about offering franchisee outlets on a platter. In a way, this proved to be the final straw on the camel. The restaurant and food chain owners decided enough is enough and have realized the wisdom of selling directly, albeit a trifle late.

We at VAST decided to utilize the present scenario and come up with a platform that connects neighborhood Shoppers, Businesses and Delivery Agents directly with each other.


Xirify is a mobile application to sell and buy from the neighborhood community. It leverages the modern technology for online transactions of sale and purchase of products and services. It unites local area businesses and neighborhood buyer community with ease.

Business owners as well as service providers can register their businesses with Xirify with least formalities. Xirify aggregates native products or service providers into one place, making them easily accessible and searchable by shoppers or service seekers. Consumers can browse availability of their favorite products within their vicinity and order online and receive deliveries at their scheduled time.

The Xirify Model

In Xirify, shoppers or service seekers place their orders with the neighborhood business (Not to Xirify) and the business concerned then decides whether to deliver directly or through a delivery partner, alternatively shoppers can also pre-order and pick up items from stores upon getting confirmation that the item is ready.

Xirify also provides direct chat and call options to merchants and their customers and planning to add video shopping potion soon, to let them continue their informal and trusted relationship and conversations. Xirify empowers neighboring merchants by providing a simple and easy to use technology platform where business can display their product, service catalog, receive orders online, offer special deals, discounts and post ads at a low cost.

The best part of Xirify is that business owners do not need to pay exorbitant commission on orders for utilizing this online platform. The charging model is flexible and takes consideration of each business type, category, stage etc.

The Benefit of using Xirify:

Shoppers gets the same convenience of Online Shopping/Ordering

Merchants get a digital platform to sell at low charges on orders

Delivery Partners pick up and drop items when a task is scheduled at a fix cost.

Overall a sustainable neighborhood economy which is a win, win for all 3 parties and beyond!

Our aim is to make the synchronization between Shoppers – Sellers – Delivery Partners so smooth, that all of them can perform their respective work without encroaching on each other’s space and interfere in each other’s business.

On a broader aspect we hope these keeps the native economy fertile. Consumers buy from nearby stores, neighborhood stores deliver through their own staff or delivery partners – these keep creating Jobs and circulate money in the economy.

Currently, we have 200+ Business registered in Pashan & Bhavdhan and more than 4000+ active customers are regularly ordering from them.

We are in the process of integrating our first delivery partner and updating our UI/UX.

As the service stabilizes with more and more users, sellers joining the platform we hope that Xirify will not only expand its area of operations within Pune city but also come up with more novel features.

Download Xirify app from Google Play Store or Apple Store and experience the joy of availing convenient online shopping form your neighborhood stores!

If you are a Seller:

Download Xirify Business App



For any suggestion, feedback or any other query write to us

Download Xirify app from App Store or Play Store today.

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