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Updated: Feb 3, 2023

The current generation is more familiar with ordering online rather than step into their favorite retailer business premises

Back in the early 1980s an elderly friend who was considered a ‘weird’ by one and all predicted that personal interaction between sellers and shoppers would wane away soon as business would be conducted through air waves! It was then rubbished as one of his lunatic bouts of thoughts unworthy of serious consideration.

Cut to the present, pretty much similar business model – online shopping app- has come to occupy the center stage of business growth. Aren’t we seeing the proliferation of similar models, albeit in a more sophisticated way now? The magic wand of yesteryear magicians has taken a rebirth in a different Avatar- the online shopping app- courtesy technological advancement.

The visit to markets has become more virtual. The business owners have evidenced an exponential growth in business despite fall in footsteps – an unimaginable proposition not too far ago. The business owners have been able to exploit the neighborhood market more effectively without stretching their investment much. More and more customers are preferring to shop online because of its inherent advantages. Combined with the facility of home delivery and paying online, online shopping has become a complete game changer.

The current generation is more familiar with ordering online rather than step into their favorite retailer business premises. Time is at a premium for the middle-aged and the upwardly mobile professionals as they juggle between career enhancement and daily life chores. Shop Local has become a norm. All in all the stage is set for ringing in microscopic changes in the way the interaction of sellers and buyers is facilitated through a comprehensive platform. Welcome to the world of ‘neighborhood selling’ with all its advantages!

Enter Xirify- the premier and pioneering mobile app for neighborhood buying and selling. It has caught the eyes of sellers’ community and shoppers’ fraternity equally. It facilitates the shoppers to reach out to the neighborhood community intensively in a more focused manner.


Xirify is a mobile app seamlessly connecting business owners with shopping community from the neighborhood. It empowers small and medium sized businesses on multiple fronts.

  1. Provides an economical platform to popularize their brands of products and services: Xirify is a great aggregator of neighborhood businesses and buyers on a single platform. It enables business owners to exhibit their wares attractively with eye catching pictures and detailed product descriptions. It is great way to launch one’s online store with least or minimal capital outlay, unlike a traditional brick and mortar store. Less pressure on financial resources, more focus on expanding business- the ultimate way of optimizing business efficiency!

  2. Categorizes and Ranks businesses based on their analytics of performance, quality, etc.: Business owners can up their ante by opting for Verified Business status on Xirify. It is a prime position awarded to those business owners who secure high ratings for their products, services, transparency in doing business, ease of transacting with them. Parameters of your business are audited and analyzed before bestowing Verified Business status to your business. Needless to say, this is a great boost as more and more customers recognize you as a premier entity to buy from.

  3. Enables higher conversion rates and higher sales volumes: More eye balls, more sales. And without the hassle of high-cost sales promotions! Xirify provides a high visibility and more importantly to the most relevant target audience.

  4. Acquiring large customer base with minimum effort: Higher the visibility, larger the chances of expanding customer base. Xirify does away with costly advertisement campaigns to net new customers. Business owners have the facility to upload pictures of their products in an attractive way and provide relevant product descriptions to win the hearts of customers.

  5. Retaining and enlarging the consumer community on a continuous basis: Acquiring customers is only half the story of business. Keeping them satisfied and spreading a cheer among the buying community is the crucial second part of maintaining a successful ongoing business. Xirify enables business owners to update their offers, discounts, special combo packs or incentives to existing and loyal customers.

  6. Keeping a track of the orders, and informing buyers their delivery status: With Xirify, business owners are always in the know of their order progress. Just track delivery and update the buyers for a transparent and fruitful relationship.

  7. Receive 100% payment for the products and or services online: Xirify does not charge any commission on your business orders or deliveries. Business owners get paid 100% for the cost of their products or services from their buyers online – either through COD or UPI options.

  8. Ratings and Reviews: Business grows faster with favorable recommendation from satisfied customers. A satisfied customer will rope in a dozen more- because of your quality of service. Elicit customer reviews for each of the transaction and enhance your reputation in the eyes of your target audience.

Download Xirify app from App Store or Play Store today.

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