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5 Types of Food To Match The Mood Of Rainy Season!

Rains bring respite from the searing summer heat. The parched earth heaves a sigh of relief as also we human beings. Unknowingly, a feel good factor sets in both body and mind. The craving for tangy and spicy food overtakes everything else. It is common for the palate to demand spicy and delicious food to counter the dull and drab weather that prevails during the monsoon period. It is at this time that one can go creative and tickle their taste buds with delicious yet easy to procure foods. Thanks to the growing online shopping, you can just order from the confines of your home and celebrate happy eat-times with your loved ones.

We list out a few delicious foods which are perfect for the rainy season.


A hot soup brimming with fresh vegetable pieces is a great way to counter the dreary weather during rainy season. A steaming bowl of soup while the clouds open out is a joy to behold. A wide range of choices for soup like vegetables, corn, meat pieces depending upon preferences can douse the craving effectively.

Some of the most popular Restaurants serving a wide variety of soups on Xirify are

Lazzetti - Sign Of Good Taste!, PIE - Pan India Eatery, Mad Over Chinese & Nileema’s Veg

If you prefer DIY, Order online readymade soup mixes from any grocery store and add the mix to boiling water to savor a hot soup, instantly. On Xirify you will find almost all ready made soups in Ady’s Mart or Swabhimani Daily Mart.


Drink lots of fluids- preferably hot water- as well as concoctions like khada, herbal drinks, Cutting Chai. They aid in detoxifying the body and ensuring electrolyte balance in the body and boosting the immune system which tends to get affected during the season. Tea laced with spices like cardamom, ginger, garlic, pepper etc help in adding to the upbeat mood.

On Xirify Garam Tava, Bristo and Chotu Tapriwala are undoubtedly the tea lovers' delight. You will get a plethora of options of tea, coffee, hot & cold beverages along with delicious snacks to munch on.


Fruits and vegetables are the best friends during the monsoon. Seasonal fruits like Plums, Cherries, Pomegranate, Litchis, Pears, Jamoons, Apples are your best bet to beat the bacteria and stay fit. Consumption of seasonal vegetables like Methi, Bottle Gourd, Bitter Gourd, Brinjal, Radish, Beans and all forms of gourds are ideal during the season. You can order fresh fruits and vegetables online on Xirify from the comfort of your home without having to navigate through rain soaked roads. What more, your neighborhood sabjiwalas and fruit vendors like Pingale Vegetables, Dhanashree Fruits & Vegetables and Balaji Fruits & vegetables deliver your choice of fresh fruits and vegetables to your home and you can pay for them online too.

6 fruits to Include In your diet during rainy season

6 fruits to eat during monsoon

6 Vegetables to Include In your diet during rainy season

6 Vegetables to eat during monsoon


Rainy season is the season for foodies! Hot and steaming food from the tawa is irresistible for the food-oriented beings. Imagine a romantic setting at home while it is raining incessantly. Its cool and your tummy longs for a tasty, crispy and hot bite, isn’t it! Satiate your tongue and tummy with some hot Pakoras or Mirchi bajji, Vada Pav, Samosa, Kachori, consumed with tangy imli chutney or mint sauce with a combination of your favorite hot beverage- tea or coffee. For variety, you can throw in a few pieces of hot and sweet Jalebis! Or still better, aloo parathas made from swadisht desi ghee. Eat it with a bowl of curd or with some sour and spicy pickle. It feels like heaven, for sure. What best way to beat the weather than by biting into such mouth-watering preparations from the nearby eateries! However, During the monsoons, you need to be careful of what you eat and avoid street food, as some foods are at a higher risk of going bad in the rain. You can find several reputed, hygienic and much in demand restaurants & eateries of these food items on Xirify, delivered at your doorstep without you bothering to mess up the romantic setting at home. Dieticians and health professionals also endorse this spicy food as the best combination during the monsoon.


Yes, how can we forget Butta- the quintessential rainy season food for the young and old alike! Team up with your friends and family to munch on crisply roasted Butta with a liberal dose of tangy masala of pepper, red chilli powder and drops of lemon spread evenly on it. The monsoon in Pune is one of the most beautiful seasons. Take a road trip or a short weekend trip. You can order all types of medicine, first aid or grocery essentials on Xirify.


Non vegetarians have a wide range of verities available to make their day. You may wish to stay away from fresh sea food, but what better choice than a hot and spicy kichdi laced with fried river fish!

On Xirify you can order fresh cut, fish or meat or order amazing fish preparations form Restaurants such as Prawn Hub, Mitho Momos, Tikka & Curry, Saffron.

Here is a small word of caution too when you are choosing your food options for the monsoon. It is better to avoid

Leafy vegetables


Deep fried foods

Go get ready to gorge on the most delightful monsoon food specials. Eat to the season, stay fit and enjoy life to the maximum.

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