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Transform Your Business: Increase Online Sales with Xirify!Jogeshwari Misal Merchant of the Year 23!

Updated: Jan 15

Merchant of the year 2023!

In 2021, Jogeshwari Misal's Sus Gaon branch in Pune began its operations.

Operating in a traditional manner initially, the lack of digital integration limited

its growth potential. Recognizing the changing food industry landscape,

Jogeshwari Misal Sus joined forces with Xirify in October 2022 to Increase

Online Sales.

The partnership started modestly, with fewer than 10 monthly orders in 2022.

However, within six months, a remarkable turnaround occurred. Thanks to the

joint efforts of Xirify's Account Management Team and Jogeshwari Misal's

staff, monthly orders surged to 800+, marking an eighty-fold Increase in Online

Sales with Xirify.

Benefits of Registering on Xirify for Businesses:

1. 35x Increase Online Sales:

From 2022 to 2023, Jogeshwari Misal experienced a phenomenal 35x growth in

online sale in monthly orders.

Quarter On Quarter Order Growth 2023

2. 50x Revenue Growth:

Xirify's coupons, offering Rs.50 off on a minimum order of Rs.129, led to upselling and cross-selling, resulting in a remarkable 50x revenue growth.

Quarter on Quarter Revenue Growth 2023

The promotional strategy implemented by Xirify, offering four (4) Rs.50 coupons for new signups with a minimum order value of Rs.129, Jogeshwari Misal's proactively encouraged customers to order through Xirify (which

Example of Add-Ons

is a win-win for both) this has yielded impressive results. The incentive of the coupons motivated customers to not only meet the minimum order value but also explore and add complementary items to their orders, such as Extra pav, Water Bottles, and Farsaan. This strategic upselling and cross-selling contributed significantly to an increased Average Order Value and, consequently, a boost in overall Revenue.

The mention of a well-structured catalogue display highlights the user-friendly interface, guiding shoppers to explore add-ons like Lassi and Chas. This not only enhances the customer experience but also maximizes the potential for additional sales.

Why Xirify?

Customer Loyalty and Repeat Buying:

Xirify provided Jogeshwari Misal with transparent customer data and designed a tailored menu/catalogue helping them in effective marketing, and increased customer loyalty through personalized campaigns jointly with Xirify.

Home Delivery Convenience:

Xirify's integration brought the convenience of ordering at Jogeshwari Misal from home, enhancing the overall customer experience and expanding the eatery's reach beyond its physical location.

Increase in Sales due to Coupons:

Strategic use of Xirify's promotional features, including discounts and exclusive offers, attracted new customers, and encouraged existing patrons to increase order frequency, resulting in a significant boost in sales.


The partnership with Xirify has propelled Jogeshwari Misal from a traditional dine-in eatery to a digitally integrated, customer-centric establishment.

Benefits include increased orders, higher per-order value, revenue growth, an expanded customer base, and enhanced customer loyalty.

Following are some of the growth statistics from 2022 to 2023

1. Increase Orders – 35x Online Order Growth

2. Increase Per Order Value – 2x Order Value Growth

3. Increase Revenue – 53x Online Revenue Growth

4. Increase Customer Base- 96x Increase in Online Customer Base

5. Increase in Home Delivery Orders- 10x Growth in Home Delivery Orders

6. Increase Loyal Customers & Repeat Orders – From 10% in 2022 to 50% in 2023 retention rate.

Jogeshwari Misal's journey serves as a blueprint for businesses, highlighting the transformative power of technology and innovation to thrive in the ever-changing food industry landscape.

Register with Xirify today and elevate your business to new heights!

For more information please visit:

Link To Xirify – For Business App (For Businesses)

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