Xirify Signup or Coupon Rewards - How it works

Updated: Aug 30

Campaign Overview

Welcome to Xirify Shopping Signup reward campaign

Register on Xirify with Promo Code: Example 'Welcome' (Or Other promo code shared by Xirify directly or through Xirify registered businesses) or during an ongoing campaign announced by Xirify and get Coupons

Offer Dates All details related to offer and coupon validity will be available in coupon details in the Xirify Shopping App.

What is the validity of the Coupons?

Each Coupon may have different validity days and it will be visible on the coupon details page in the Xirify Shopping app.

Where can I use the coupons?

Xirify Shopping users can use the coupons in the select business which are accepting Xirify Coupons.

You will be able to see the list of those business in the coupon details screen of the Xirify-Shopping App.

Important Note:

  • Only *New Users* (First time registrations/signups) will be eligible for Signup reward. Example: If an existing user logs out and relogs using a promo code, the system will automatically identify and no coupon will be generated.

  • For existing shoppers Xirify may run various campaigns form time to time. those information will be automatically available in the Xirify Shopping App.

  • This is a fully sponsored program by Xirify. All participating business will get full refund of the coupon discount amount from Xirify Systems Pvt. Ltd. barring any other mutual agreement in place between Xirify and any particular business.

  • Xirify reserves all rights to assign coupons or revoke coupons from any users.

Campaign Terms & Conditions

You must be a New Xirify registered user

  • You must enter a valid Promo Code in the designated field while registering

  • You will be able to use the coupons if the minimum value of your order meets the required minimum order value.

  • The minimum order value where you can use the coupon is Rs. 150. Xirify reserves the right to change or modify any offer, program conditions at any time, at its sole discretion.

  • It is the decision of the Xirify Registered business to participate in the campaign or not.

  • If there are no store/business in your visibility radius who are accepting coupons, Xirify is not responsible or has no legal liability for the same.

  • The Shopper (User) and Business (Seller) of a transaction must have different Phone Number.

  • Xirify reserves the right to discontinue or change any offer or the Xirify Signup Reward program at any time, at its sole discretion.

  • The coupon is generated for any Qualified entry based on the above and below mentioned T&C and is not a luck-based lottery.

  • Xirify is a platform that connects Buyers and Sellers directly and shall not be responsible for any loss, order related disputes, customer default or vendor/Business/Service Provider not completing order cycle, or any other issues/liability arising out of orders placed via Xirify.

  • Xirify reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any User or Business, Order/s that does not meet the offer requirements or in case of reasons including but not limited to any misuse of the offer or fraud or suspicious transactions/activities.

For any question or information please Contact Xirify Support at support@xirify.com or +91 800 700 2856

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