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Punch of 5 - Happy Shoppers, Prosperous Business! is back!

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Campaign Overview

Welcome to Xirify Merchant Review Reward Program - "Punch of 5"

Get Rs. 30 for every positive (5*) Rating & Review on Xirify Platform from each Unique Customer. Ensure the best Shopper's Experience and Win Up to INR 10,000 in a month!

Please Note: This program is for selected Xirify Registered Merchants. If you are part of this campaign your respective Account Managers will share additional information and further details of the program.

If you want to participate in the program please contact Xirify Support at +91 8007002856

Offer Dates Offer starts from 10th July, 2023 Offer Expires On 31st August, 2023

Offer Details When you complete an order on Xirify your Shopper (who has placed the order) gets an option to Rate your service quality. Once the campaign starts (10th July, 2023) you will earn Rs.30 reward for each 5* Rating received from a unique customer. You will earn a guaranteed cashback on the transaction for each eligible Rating & Review received on Xirify for the duration of the offer, up to a maximum of INR 10000 before the offer ends. The cashback will be accumulated and will be transferred to your bank account through UPI or Direct Transfer from Xirify Systems Pvt.Ltd.

Important Note:

  • Only unique customer reviews will be considered. Example: If one customer rates and reviews you 10 times in the given time period it will be counted as 1 Review.

Campaign Terms & Conditions

The Xirify Merchant Review Reward Program - Punch of 5 is subject to the following terms and conditions

  • You must be a Xirify registered Business/Merchant/Service Provider.

  • You must opt-in for the campaign. to opt-in please contact your Account Manager or Xirify Support.

  • You must complete your KYC requirements and the Xirify store verification process.

  • You must successfully execute orders received on the Xirify platform within the defined timeline based on the nature of your business or otherwise defined by your Account Manager.

  • The Rating & Review Must be 5*.

  • The Rating and Review must be from a Unique Customer/Shopper.

  • You can earn a maximum of INR 10000 Rewards during this offer period.

  • The Shopper (User) and Merchant (Seller, Admin account holder, member account holder) of a transaction must have different Phone Number.

  • If you earn Rewards from this program, your Reward will be transferred via UPI or bank account details you share with Xirify on The total cash reward amount will be deposited in your notified Bank account/Registered UPI ID.

  • To receive cash rewards you must provide the payment details within the first week of the campaign start date, failing which the Reward will be forfeited.

  • Your Reward amount will be subject to applicable GST/tax deduction, if any.

  • The Reward is guaranteed for any qualified Reviews & Ratings based on the above and below mentioned T & C and is not a luck-based lottery.

  • Xirify is a platform that connects Buyers and Sellers directly and shall not be responsible for any loss, order related disputes, the customer not paying or Merchant/Business/Service Provider not completing order cycle, or any other issues/liability arising out of orders placed via Xirify.

To participate in the Xirify Business Review Reward Program - Punch of 5, you must agree to these terms and conditions

  • You agree that you are authorized to sell online and you are a lawful owner or representative of the registered business.

  • You are above 18 years of age and your participation in the Reward Program constitutes your understanding of, and agreement to these Reward terms and conditions.

  • These offer terms and conditions form a binding legal agreement between you and Xirify Systems Pvt. Ltd. (Legal entity) with respect to the Reward Program, and any defined terms used herein have the meaning set forth in the Xirify Business Policy and T&C.

  • Xirify reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any Business, Order or Review/Rating that does not meet the offer requirements or in case of reasons including but not limited to any misuse of the offer or fraud or suspicious transactions/activities. Xirify also reserves the right to discontinue or change any offer or the Xirify reward program at any time, at its sole discretion.

  • This offer is subject to your compliance with the Xirify Business agreement and Offer Program T & C.

  • This program is sponsored by Xirify Systems Pvt. Ltd. and businesses are not sponsors of this program.

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