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8 types of consumers / shoppers and how to sell your products and services to them!

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

how to sell your products and services to online
Xirify is a platform that aggregates both the sellers and buyers of the neighborhood

Someone famously said that it takes all kind of people to make the world. Market place is no exception to this. As any retailer or a service provider would tell you, the consumers come in various hues and shades of needs, demands and likes and dislikes. A successful retailer is one who can satisfy all and efficiently navigate through their fancies and behavior patterns. Because anonymity of customers in online selling is rather high, retailers need to put in special care in identifying the various types of consumers they confront in the course of business.

To achieve stunning customer service it is imperative to go a notch above having ‘just satisfied customers’. The need is to create a base of raving fans of your business. This helps in customer retention and multiplying customer base rapidly. Retailers and online sellers can achieve this first by knowing the various types of customers they tend to encounter in their business life and how to sell to them once you register your business on Xirify.


Every successful business is built on the base of loyal customers- bigger the base sounder is the business. It takes a lot of effort to build that loyalty among the customers. Having achieved that it takes even greater effort to maintain and retain their loyalty. Competition in market has to be overcome to retain them. Interacting with them on a personal level, keeping them posted of your various offers, offering coupons and discounts, etc. through Xirify could help greatly. It helps you strengthen the bond.


It is a norm nowadays for retailers to come across well-informed customers. Thanks to technology, most shoppers do their research online before buying. Whether you are a brick and mortar store owner or an online seller, ensure to understand their pulse and provide them with comparative analysis about products and services you deal in. Memorable user experience is what it takes for them to stick to you. With Xirify sellers can provide 360 degree view of their products with attractive product pictures along with product description and business reviews & ratings.


You find them in both physical as well as online portals. They are in fact, just present to either while away their leisure time or are in the process of gathering information to graduate to the 2nd type of buyers- The Informed Customers. They are the potential “customers in the wings”. Enrich their knowledge of products and services without being too nosy. Xirify enables sellers to reach the neighborhood population effortlessly and keep them informed of their product and service range. Constant updates with notifications is a great way in converting the interested into confirmed buyers. Xirify enables you to drive conversions and sales and experience a new level of growth.


Another type of customers is those who are indecisive and are like a child in a toy shop; too confused what satisfies their need. It could be because of the variety of products available or the price range. Or it could also be about the efficacy or durability aspect. A little interaction with them will provide an insight into their hesitancy. You can attract such customers by helping them with positive reviews and ratings you receive form other customers, product details with images, comparative advantages and the service quality you offer together with delivery at home options. Let them see the comfort of ordering from the confines of their home and receiving the deliveries at their scheduled time.


As opposed to the confused customers, determined customers are those who have made up their mind about the product or service they need before stepping into your store. They just want to complete the ‘formality’ at the earliest. They are always on the lookout for a simple shopping process - quick processing, online payment etc. Retailers can do well by addressing such practical issues effectively. With Xirify customers can quickly search for a product they are looking for, place an order with a click of a button and settle their payments directly with you through online or cash on delivery.


Price is their main concern. They are the ones who always look for best value at lowest prices. Brand loyalty is not their concern. You need to impress them that they get value for their money by shopping with you. Try to gather details from them so that you can contact them with best offers in the near future. Remember, they are more likely to part with their personal details in the hunt for bargain buys. Using Xirify ensures sellers the facility of interacting with the buyer community on issues ranging from product prices to service offerings and discounts. Xirify’s Chat platform is an ideal window for both the buyers and sellers to interact.


They are a tricky lot. They can either boost or mar your sales. While you are focused on how to increase your sales, this type of customers proves to be a stumbling block in your quest. At the same time, they are the ones from whom you can learn and improve your service levels. Understand their concerns and try to address them politely. Ensure their grievance would be attended to promptly and resolved amicably. Positive reviews from customers can go a long way in tackling such customers easily. Several of the Xirify registered sellers have confirmed boosting their buyer-base remarkably in a shorter time on the basis of good reviews and ratings from customers.


They are in your store to compare prices with online sellers. They fall into the category of those who have zeroed in on their choice but would love to have a ‘personal feel’ of the product before acquiring it. Or they might be enthusiasts on the prowl to verify if in-store purchase is cheaper or online. They can be spotted with traits like comparing your prices with online rates on their hand held devices. Sellers can try to impress such customers by the advantages of buying from you such as immediate delivery, prompt and personal after-sales-service, etc. possible through Xirify.

Xirify is a platform for the neighborhood, by the neighborhood and of the neighborhood. It aggregates both the sellers and buyers of the neighborhood with all the facilities of online transactions. What more, it is the first of its kind online aggregator which offers the facility of adding products or services with variable price range between the two parties. Buyers can pick favorite sellers who are and facilitate a way communication offering best products or service. Business also get a lot more valuable insight such as who are their top customers, which products are selling more, how favorable the customer experience was and many more such insight/analytics to strengthen their marketing strategy and take their business to new heights.

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